About Us

SNTK Document Conversions is an advanced technology group which leverages our historic strength in conventional publications design and todays' multiple-use environment provided through the World Wide Web.

Our People

    Comprised of experienced professionals, each a leader in his or her area of expertise, we can apply our complementary skills to provide you with the highest possible quality product tailored to your specific needs.

    We've built a company on the strength of our unique ability to turn our technological expertise into practical applications, for the benefit of a remarkably wide-ranging roster of clients in the public and private sectors.

    With our recognized experts, SNTK Document Conversions is frequently called upon to help government agencies and a wide range of businesses to better compete in today's complex and demanding environments. SNTK Document Conversions works with these clients to tailor solutions that are right for them, and right for the future.

Our Facilities

    SNTK Document Conversions is presently based in a 360ft2 DoD-approved office located in  University Park, Maryland. Our location is within the Washington beltway and is less than a thirty minute drive to downtown Washington, DC.

    Our approved on-site storage capabilities, combined with our cleared hardware configuration, allow us to offer our clients a convenient way to have process documents at our facility for return at the completion of the project.

    Our equipment configuration includes a mix of Macintosh and Pentium-based workstations, combined with the Fujitsu line of high-speed scanners.

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